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BSC Video Gallery.

Hi folks Stronghold is out and dulfy have put a little FAQ up which is below :)

A collection of various guides related to Patch 2.9 Galactic Strongholds expansion.


  • Q: Where do I go and get a stronghold?

    • A: Go to the fleet, you will notice the crafting area is now renamed to Strongholds & Crew Skills. There is a big hologram NPC you talk to in that area for the intro quest that will show you how to access the stronghold terminal etc. For the free Nar Shaddaa palace, you need to access the stronghold terminal and purchase it for 0 credits.
  • Q: How to I get to Manaan?

    • A: Go to your spaceship and travel to Manaan. If you have done Forged Alliances Part I there is a new quest to pick up at the fleet as well. Alternatively, you can simply queue up with group finder
  • Q: How do I do conquest?

    • press L and go to the newly added Conquest tab. There are a bunch of objectives for you to complete.

and they put a very good guid out check it out and the rest out here : http://dulfy.net/2014/08/18/swtor-patch-2-9-coverage-guide/


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